Truck-Mounted VS Portable Equipment

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One of the most important parts of air duct cleaning is the equipment that is used. The vacuum is what is drawing out the debris, dust, and dirt from you air ducts. Wouldn’t you want the best, most powerful vacuuming doing the job? When you are calling around to receive pricing and cleaning procedures, you may want to confirm the type of equipment the company has!

Portable equipment is much smaller in size. It may be easy to transport, but that equipment is brought into your home or business. A truck-mounted system is much larger in size and remains outside during the cleaning. What does this information tell you about which cleaning procedure is better? We will break it down for you!

  • Power: If you want a true clean, truck-mounted is much more powerful than portable equipment. The suction from this system can draw tens of thousands of cubic feet of air per minute, while portable units may only draw a few thousand cubic feet of air per minute. Truck-mounted equipment is going to pull all the contaminants and debris out of your ductwork in an efficient and clean manner.
  • Hose diameter: Does this matter, you may ask? Have you ever lost a stuffed animal, toy, food, or other items into your ductwork? Maybe the previous owners lost items down a register opening? Truck-mounted equipment will use a hose 8”-10” in diameter, which will pull small to extremely large items out of your ductwork that may be lodged in there! You may be surprised what can be found inside ductwork. Rodents also have a tendency of finding their way into the ducts. Looking at portable equipment, the hoses are smaller in diameter and may not remove all of the debris or items from the ductwork during cleaning.
  • Debris containment: With truck-mounted equipment, all the debris, dust and dirt is sucked out into the equipment parked outside. Portable equipment is brought into your home and all that debris is vacuumed into the equipment inside your home. Some pollutants may remain indoors if there is a leak or an ineffective filter in the unit, which is releasing those pollutants back into your air.

These are a few reasons to choose a company using truck-mounted equipment. If you are interested in learning more and receiving a free quote, call our office today!