Air Duct Cleaning: Six Reasons You’ll Breathe Easier with Americlean

Is Air Duct Cleaning Even Necessary?

Have you ever heard air duct cleaning isn’t necessary or can even be harmful? We have, and it’s concerning to us because companies that aren’t certified professionals or industry experts don’t solve common problems with air ducts and it’s true, they can even  make things worse. However, when done right, air duct cleaning can help solve common problems like allergies, excessive dust buildup on surfaces, and serious issues like mold. Americlean is a certified member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), the organization the Environmental Protection Agency recommends to protect the air quality in your home. Is air duct cleaning right for your household or business? Let’s find out.

1. Fewer Allergies

Do you sniffle, sneeze, have sinus issues like headaches, or itchy, red, or watery eyes? Allergies from dust, pet dander, pests, or household chemicals built up in your vents may be lowering your quality of sleep and affecting you and your family’s overall health. While allergies can be caused by lots of factors, they can also worsen when multiple sources of irritation pile up. If you or your family members suffer from allergies, make sure dirty air ducts aren’t the cause or making things worse. 

2. Less Frequent Dusting and Sweeping

If you notice dust on your surfaces soon after you clean, there’s a good chance debris has accumulated in your air ducts and is blowing into your living spaces. When you see dust building up on your counters and shelves, it’s also settling on floors, beds, and furniture where it’s stirred up by movement and harder to notice. When your ducts are clean, the air circulating throughout your home or business is clean as well, and your heating and cooling system can work the way it’s supposed to: keeping you comfortable and healthy. You may save money on heating and cooling costs. And you won’t have to dust as often!

3. Cleaner Air

It’s important to know that dust isn’t the only thing that can build up in your air ducts and worsen air quality. Particles from chemicals like cleaners and even air fresheners or hair spray, pet hair and dander, airborne debris from remodeling demolition or construction, smoke, or even pests or mold can all accumulate and circulate back into the air you breathe. Our cleaning process removes particulates from your home as we clean, improving your air quality as we go.  

4. Multi-step Cleaning Process

Our air duct cleaning uses two important processes: first, we use mechanized brushes to dislodge built-up dust and other particulates from ductwork. At the same time, we use our powerful truck-mounted vacuum equipment to remove particulates. Some companies just push a vacuum hose through ducts which leaves older particles stuck and will continue to accumulate, wasting your money. Others may remove dust particles but their vacuum equipment isn’t powerful enough to reliably remove dust as it’s stirred up, which releases old dust and debris into your home and potentially makes the air quality worse! Americlean takes care to leave your air quality improved, and that’s why we hear from so many satisfied customers after a duct cleaning.

5. Service Techs You Can Trust

Americlean is proud of our friendly, professional technicians who answer questions, explain what to expect, and care for your home or business every step of the way. Most of our reviews talk about what a great job our service technicians did for our customers, leaving them happy and satisfied with the outcome and coming back to us again and again. 

6. Highest Industry Standards

If we talk about our industry memberships and certifications a lot, it’s because they really matter. We stay up-to-date on the latest research, methods, equipment, and best practices to bring you the highest quality service available. If you are looking at other companies, make sure to ask about their certifications and memberships. One of the most important for air duct cleaning is the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and make sure any company you work with has Certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists (ASCS) on staff.

If you don’t notice dust building up, your family doesn’t have allergies or headaches, haven’t had renovation or repair work done, don’t use many household cleaners or chemicals, or had your ducts cleaned recently, then you probably don’t need an air duct cleaning. If you do have any of these air quality issues, though, and would like to talk to one of our professionals to ask questions or schedule an inspection or cleaning, we’d love to hear from you. We want you to feel great about the service you’re getting and know your home or business is healthier with Americlean! Contact us today to breathe easier.