Don’t let frozen pipes become a bigger problem

Frozen pipes are a pain, and if they burst, they can put a freeze on the rest of your life as you repair, clean things up, and prevent further damage. Having an expert on your side to guide you through the process and prevent damage is an important step! In this blog, we’ll explore what pipes are more at risk for freezing and bursting, what to do if it happens, and why it’s important to act fast.

Are your pipes at risk of freezing and bursting?

Technically, any pipe could freeze and burst if it gets cold enough, but there are several factors that make it much more likely:

  • Really cold temps. This one’s a no-brainer, but if the temperature drops well below freezing (below 20°F) for at least 4-6 hours in an unheated environment, the risk of pipes freezing increases.
  • Poor insulation. If your home isn’t well insulated, the pipes on outer walls are going to be much colder than pipes in walls that are better protected.
  • Older homes. Besides often having less insulation, older homes can have older plumbing that can’t take the expansion of water freezing in pipes and are more likely to leak or burst.
  • No moving water. One way to prevent freezing pipes is to keep a tap open very slightly during sub-zero temps, especially for water whose pipes are along outer walls. Even a small, steady drip can be enough to keep water moving and temperatures above freezing.

How do I know if my pipes burst?

You may not see water right away, or at all, if a pipe has a small leak. Other signs to watch for include unexpected water pressure changes, water that smells or looks off, noises from pipes in the wall when water isn’t running, and if it’s a long-term problem or serious leak, a higher water bill. And of course, water where it shouldn’t be can cause mold – which may be a sign that you’ve got a leaky pipe.

Damage can accumulate and become dangerous fast, so it’s important to call an expert who can clean up and guide you through what you need to do next, including getting a plumber on scene for repairs and restoring damaged walls and floors. 

Frozen, burst or leaky pipes are a big pain and a big deal. Know you’re investing in a safe and effective solution when you call the experts at Americlean.