Freezing Pipes and Melting Snow=Water Damage

What is every home owner’s worst nightmare? We’d say water damage ranks high up there! Even a small amount of water can cause serious damage. If water damage strikes your home, you want to get a professional clean-up started right away.

Read these helpful tips to be more prepared if you unfortunately have this happen in your home:

  • Locate your main water shut-off valve: This is important if you have a pipe burst. The faster you can get this turned off, the less water damage!
  • Turn off electrical power to affected areas: You don’t need a risk of electrocution!
  • Contact a professional water restoration company: Do you know what to expect when we arrive? Here are a few steps that will have you prepared for what is about to happen in your home.
  1. Inspection and Assessment: Identification of the type of loss and extent of damage
  2. Content Moving: Moving or disposal of content items and furniture to prevent more damage/loss
  3. Removal of Water: Extract excess water with truck-mounted equipment and/or use of pumps
  4. Drying: Moisture meter affected building materials, install commercial dehumidifiers and air-movers
  5. Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of drying process
  6. Completion: Final cleaning of contents, flooring, walls, etc.
  7. Repairs/Reconstruction: We can handle the rebuild of your home for you!

Be prepared for a worst-case scenario by using our helpful tips. When water damage strikes your home, call the company you’ve trusted to get the job done right and to prevent worse damage in the future!