Don’t Let Spring Rain Ruin the Fun – or the Furniture!

As flowers bloom and the weather brings early summer rains, it can be a messy time of the year. Splashing through rain puddles and exploring outside is an important part of life for a lot of us, especially when kids or pets are in the picture. But when we come back in and the mud comes in with us, it can be hard on furniture and upholstery. 

Mud on Furniture Takes a Toll

Dirt on your upholstery can cause the material to stain or fade. Besides being discolored, over time dirt can wear down the fabric on your furniture, making it less comfortable and dull. On furniture that’s used regularly and well-loved, like couches or dining room chairs, bacteria builds up without regular cleaning. Dirt can also contain mold, dust, and allergens that cling to clothes and get into the air of your home. The small dirt particles tracked inside from day-to-day activities can also weaken and damage carpet fibers, causing the carpet to feel rough and look patchy. The best way to make sure your furniture lasts is to regularly keep it clean and tidy.

Changing Weather Makes it More Important to Clean than Ever

The leaves turn green, everything is growing, and spring rain will later make way for summer storms. Rainy days mean cooped up kids and antsy dogs who need to go out and play. When the rain stops and everyone goes out to play, kids and pets have a wonderful time splashing in puddles and making mud pies. Unfortunately, even the most diligent parents and pet owners can look away for a second and find mud tracked inside. No one wants to stress out worrying about mess, or to stop play time to keep things clean. And finding time to clean furniture on top of everything else you do can be impossible. That’s where Americlean comes in.

Why Get Professional Cleaning?

There are many ways to clean stains from dirt and mud and light soiling can be taken care of without professionals. Your furniture might look ok, but household products aren’t formulated to remove bacteria, allergens,or the dirt embedded in your furniture’s fabric. Americlean’s deep-cleaning upholstery process will refresh your furniture’s appearance, increases longevity, and leave your furniture truly clean. Upholstery cleaning is important to:

  • Remove allergens, bacteria, and mold that spot cleaners don’t
  • Get rid of deeply embedded dirt particles to make upholstery last longer
  • Improve furniture’s appearance
  • Remove stubborn stains and spots

The Upholstery Cleaning Process 

Our experienced technicians will ensure the best cleaning method is used for the fabric in your home. First, we use a preconditioning solution to make dirt and debris much easier to remove. Once this soaks into the fabric, we remove the solution and thoroughly rinse the fabric, so even the smallest particles get washed away. Finally, your clean upholstery is dried and you can enjoy your like-new furniture.

If you find a stain that’s hard to remove or want a fresh start for summer, contact Americlean for a deep upholstery clean.